Learn My 4-Factor Approach I use to Treat EVERY Spine Patient - From the Elderly Woman Who Was in Constant Pain, to the Professional Athlete Recovering From Injury.

Join Us For The Ultimate Spine Course, Summer 2020

Here’s your chance to learn from the Ultimate Spine Course trainings, access a support network of experts, and become part of a community of like-minded movement peers all improving together.  

4 Modules Packed Full of Content That Will Change The Way You Move Forever

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  • Feel Pain or Pinching When Stretching?

    It's not normal to cringe with pain during your average yoga class - and there IS a solution to this pain.


    In Module Two, I'll explain why you might be feeling discomfort when stretching - and give you the EXACT exercises to fix it. 

  • Ready to Improve Your Squats & Deadlifts?

    If you feel like there is room to improve when it comes to the exercises you're doing at the gym - you're probably right. Not only will you learn to perfect these exercises, you'll also feel safer and more confident when it's time to increase weight.

  • Want to Feel Confident in Any Gym Setting?

    After The Ultimate Spine Course, you'll never worry if you're "doing it wrong" again. You'll have complete confidence in any gym setting and ability to create your own, effective workout using the Ultimate Spine Principles.

  • Tired of Waking Up With Neck and/or Back Pain?

    If you've been told "you just have to either live with your back pain OR get surgery," I'm here to tell you that is simply untrue in MOST cases.


    This Summer, you'll find out why you've been experiencing this pain and be handed the roadmap (hint: It doesn't include more Chiropractic Adjustments or visits to your PT. You'll learn to do EFFECTIVE spine work you can do right at home.)

  • Sick of Paying for Ineffective Medical Treatments?

    Maybe you've tried EVERYTHING. The Chiropractic adjustments, the massage therapy sessions, the physical therapy appointments - and maybe you get temporary relief - but no lasting results... 


    In the Ultimate Spine Course, I'm going to give you the exact tools I use to treat my spine patients. Tools you can use right from home. Tools that create LASTING results.

What's Inside The Ultimate Spine Course When You Join Today?

  • 8+ Hours of exclusive premium Ultimate Spine¬†trainings and content from Moses and featured industry experts

  • Bonus Trainings not available anywhere else

  • A support network of peers all working together to improve their movement, decrease their pain, and generally move better.

  • Behind-the-scenes look at how Moses uses the Ultimate Spine principles both in his own movement practice, and with his clients.

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The Ultimate Spine Course



3 Monthly Payments of $175

Unlimited, Lifetime Access to all 140+ Ultimate Spine Course Trainings & Videos

Access to 4 Live, QA Support Trainings

Access to my premium, private Ultimate Spine Course Group

Spine Scholar



3 Monthly Payments of $275

4 one-on-one, 30-minute video consultations with Dr. Moses Bernard. *must use all sessions within 180 days*

Individualized programming & Personal Attention

Unlimited, Lifetime Access to All 140+ Ultimate Spine Course Trainings & Videos

Access to 4 Live, QA Support Trainings

Access to my Premium, Private Ultimate Spine Course Group

Mobility Mentorship



4 Monthly Payments of $500

12 weekly, one-on-one, 60-minute video consultations with Dr. Moses Bernard. *must use all sessions within 180 days*

Individualized programming & Personal Attention

Unlimited, lifetime access to ALL 140+ Ultimate Spine Course Trainings & Videos

Access to 4 live, QA Support Trainings

Access to my premium, private Ultimate Spine Course Group

"The variations in this course provided some major lightbulb moments...

I have been doing Kinstretch and CARs for awhile, but the variations in this course provided some major ‚Äúlight bulb‚ÄĚ moments.¬†I feel empowered with some of the progressions and have confidence which is allowing me to feel much better already.


When doing the non-spine movements it feels amazing to unlock the fusion between hip/spine/shoulders that shouldn’t be occurring. -Tanner


"These little breakthroughs are so inspiring...

Loving the videos. Every bit of content you release is another nugget of gold. 


I felt an awesome stretch on the opening side of my camel pose for the first time today while listening to your cues. These little break throughs are so inspiring and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. -Ryan



"The first section was a real "ah-ha" for me...

The first section about breathing and pressurization was the real ah-ha for me. I’ve been trying to work on this throughout my day in all positions - standing, sitting, laying down. These are areas that I struggle to find support in movements such as deadlifts or plank.


I’ve found all of your explanations and demonstrations to be quite clear and concise. I’ve really been enjoying the course, thanks for imparting your knowledge. - Jen


"I'm virtually free of the discomforts I've had....


"I changed the way moved, I changed by body awareness, I changed the way I breathed. 


For the first time in many decades, I'm virtually free of the discomforts I've had - in my neck, in my lower back, and I'm just able to not (have to) think about it!" -Jeff A


"More power and stamina in all my favorite movement practices...

I learned how to pressurize my core from the inside and better stabilize my lower trunk and pelvis, which has given me more power and stamina in all of my favorite movement practices like running, yoga, dance and strength training.


I’m happy to say the breathing strategies I learned alleviated my back pain and greatly improved my quality of life. As a former professional dancer turned Pilates instructor I wish I had access to this information years ago! -Mel


"Your videos are broken down in a way I can understand...

I have been having breathing issues since just having my second child.  I am 18 months postpartum and a few months ago I was having trouble taking deep breaths. 


I have Diastasis Recti and am learning of the benefits of proper breathing and core activation. Your videos have broken down in such a way that I understand. Thank you so much. I will be doing your exercises daily. -Margarita

"Just 3 days of working with this cue and I am feeling more movement...

I work mainly with seniors and their one mindset was pull the belly to the spine to engage the core. I have been working with them forever to find pressure but still I would see sucking in. I used your soccer ball analogy and I saw an immediate difference in half the class! Thank you!


Fast forward again to segmental cat cow...I signed up because THIS is MY bug-a-boo. I've been working with segmental cat/cow since early 2017. Your cue to look for the dimples in the back and work there was great! Completely different perspective than picking the top of my butt seems to be what I was trying to do! Just 3 days of working with this cue and I am feeling a little more movement and not the clunking that I was so frustrated with. -Sindry


"It feels like drinking from the fountain of youth...

Hey Dr. Bernard,


I found about you through the r/FootFunction subreddit. That subreddit threw me down this rabbit hole and now I'm very interested and passionate about doing all these CAR, RAIL, and PAIL things. I've only just started, but it feels like drinking from the fountain of youth..


Thanks for all your help!



Disclaimer: The information on this page and in the Ultimate Spine Course are for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please do not use the information on this page, or the information inside of The Ultimate Spine Course to self-diagnose any medical issue. If you think you might have a serious medical issue, please contact your doctor and receive an in-person assessment and opinion.